Fuqua Construction, Inc

 PROJECTValley Hope Treatment Center
Cushing, Oklahoma
Addition and Renovation
  SIZE3,823 sq. ft.
This is the second project we have been involved with for Valley Hope Association. After a smooth working relationship with Fuqua Construction in building their new facility in Moundridge, Kansas, the administration requested Fuqua again as they began plans for an expansion in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Cushing Valley Hope has a campus that accommodates 70 residents and is centered around a stately historical mansion that overlooks the city. This relaxing rural setting provides a peaceful atmosphere for recovery. This expansion connects the mansion with the dining hall and chapel and includes a recreation room, restrooms and an elevator that will service the three story mansion and basement. Enhancing the site is the new entrance gate, driveway and canopy drive-through at the main entrance of the building. Other items of importance are the new water service and electrical service for the entire campus. Care has been given in the design process to create an addition that blends in with the architecture and time period of this historical mansion.

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