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 Design Build
Please consider contracting with Fuqua Construction Inc. in a Design Build project. We work together as a team: owner, builder and design professional, to design and build your project.

Advantages of Design Build:
       Accurate cost estimates early in the planning stages.

       Both Architect and Contractor have input into the design.
              The cost of a project is largely the result of design.

       Team approach relieves tension and difficulties.
              Team members - Owner, Design Professional, Contractor - all have the
              same goal. This eliminates many problems.

       National studies show this approach will save, on average, 3%.

       Design costs are lower.

       Construction costs are lower.    

We have been working with churches and businesses to assist in developing their ideas and planning their building projects.  We work together as a team: owner, builder and design professional, making it a priority to build the church or facility that brings the planning, dreams and needs of our customer into reality with an expertly planned and constructed project.

Fuqua Construction Inc. can offer our experience from past projects in a trusted relationship that assures your congregation or your business a quality building with a fair price.

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Completed Projects

Hutchinson CrossPoint Church
Hutchinson CrossPoint Church

Emmaus Mennonite Church

Pleasant Hills Hutchinson