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Frequently Asked Questions for your church project
Q: We need more space. Where do we start?
A: Put together a vision group (committee) to study your needs.
   Put together a ministry plan.  
    - Who are you targeting and what ministry will you use?
    - Determine your Church's direction for today and the future.
    - Visit other churches - see how they are doing it.
Build a building or remodel existing spaces to fit your current and projected ministry needs.

We can help you put together a master plan that can include remodeling, building new spaces, multiple phases, and long-term future ideas.  Each part of the master plan will have a cost estimate to help you make decisions.  Early recognition of your goals enables you to design and build with purpose and cost efficiency. Fuqua Construction has developed a workbook to use in this early stage to help our customers with decision making and clarifying their direction.

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Q: How much space do we need?
A: We use rules of thumb to help determine the probable size of your new church. This method is very quick and can help you on a very basic level. One of the best rules of thumb is to compare one of our previous projects to your needs. If your needs are similar, the size of your building should be similar.

Another very basic rule of thumb is: For a new facility each attendee will require 55 square feet. Obviously this is a one size fits all template but it may help you get started. We will use detailed methods and plans to determine your actual needed size.

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Q: How much will it cost?
A: Construction costs are constantly changing. I would be glad to discuss the cost of a new building with you. Please feel free to call Max @ 620-585-2270. One way to get started is to use a tool you can find on the National Association of Church Design Builders web site called the P3 or Project Pricing Profiler. The P3 will ask you several questions, then calculate a size and price for you. This tool will get you in the ballpark.

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Q: How do I set a budget?
A: Your budget should reflect a balance of your needs and your funding capabilities. It is our goal to help you determine your budget realistically. Your new Church should honor God and enhance your ministry. Use of resources is very important and over-extending is a pitfall that can be avoided with wise and realistic planning. We have three Certified Church Consultants on our staff at Fuqua Construction who can help you with building size and cost. We are trained in stewardship as well as borrowing capabilities.

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Q: What is Design Build?
A: Design Build is a method of project delivery that has gained popularity in the last several years. In 1985 5% of construction projects were done by Design Build. Today approximately 50% of the construction projects are done by Design Build. (Statistics from the Design Build Institute of America)
A Design Build company is a single source company that will design and construct your facility.  

Here are some advantages of Design Build over the competitive bid method:
   1. The owner has a single source of communication and responsibility.

   2. The architect and builder work together as a team from the beginning. They are a team, not at odds with each other.

   3. The experience of both the designer and builder are used early in the process.
           a. The builder has expertise in costs and can bring valuable information about methods of construction that may help construction time, design, and costs.  
           b. The design professionals will be relied upon for creativity and compliance to codes and regulations.

   4. Guaranteed cost will be supplied early in the process. If the costs are more than the budget there is still time to make needed changes to keep the project under budget. In the traditional competitive bid method the cost is not known until after all design fees are spent. At that point there are few options left to make the project fit the budget.

   5. The builder and designer are selected based upon experience, track record and integrity.

Typical results of the Design Build method:
   1. Preliminary budget will be more accurate.
   2. Lower Architectural costs.
   3. Lower Construction costs.
   4. Lower cost project. The DBIA (Design Build Institute of America) national statistics show 6% less total cost than competitive bid method.
   5. The owner can choose the builder based upon track record and character.
   6. Subcontractors can be local.
   7. Pleasant construction experience rather than a legal battle to get the work completed.
   8. Quicker delivery of the final project. The time frame is quicker because construction can start earlier - the pricing is done earlier in the process, eliminating delays due to over-budget problems.

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Q: What is a Certified Church Consultant?
A: A Certified Church Consultant (CCC) has been trained in many areas to help a church through the process of planning, financing and building. The Certification is done by the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB).

The NACDB Certified Church Consultant (CCC) program is designed to help facilitate the education of professionals and staff in becoming church development experts. Certification is awarded to members after an intensive multi-day training session featuring nationally recognized leaders in church lending, stewardship, facilities management, architecture, construction and project management. In addition, candidates are required to write a thesis creating expansion solutions for a church building scenario and pass a written exam. Members are originally certified for a two-year period with annual refresher courses that extend certification by two years.

Fuqua Construction, Inc. has numerous Certified Church Consultants on staff.

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