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 Medical Projects
In addition to church construction, Fuqua Construction Inc. provides construction services in the commercial and medical field as we work with nursing homes, hospice organizations and medical clinics. We bring the same attitude of respect, quality workmanship and professionalism to our commercial projects that we have developed with our church associates.

There is a cultural change happening in nursing homes. Nursing homes are changing into personal communities. They are staffed by familiar care givers who are there to help their community's residents as they live lives of meaning, value and joy. They have private spaces and family places and a chance to continue to live life with some measure of independence and responsibility.

These communities provide the best personal, health and medical services any community member, however frail, will need. Each community is independent of the others. Some are providing each their own homey kitchen, dining room and living room, where staff and elders prepare and eat meals together. Each day is informal, like a day in our own homes, and results in a truly rewarding and satisfying daily life for elders and staff alike. It's not home-like, it's home.

Fuqua Construction Inc. has had the priviledge of being in on the ground floor with several excellent nursing homes who are moving in this direction.

Medical Construction Profiles:
Valley Hope Association
Moundridge Valley Hope
   Cushing Valley Hope
Pretty Prairie - Prairie Sunset Home
Hutchinson - Pleasant Hills
Pleasant View Home
     Tradition Homes Addition
     Nursing Wing Addition
Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community
    Congregate Living Apartments
    Special Care Unit
Memorial Home, Inc.
     Assisted Living Addition
Kingman Wheatlands Healthcare Center
Hospice of Reno County
SMRC Buhler - Bistro AdditionCimarron - The Shepherd's Center
South Wind HospiceHutchinson - Wesley Towers
Linn Community Nursing Home
LeadingAge Kansas represents 160 non-profit long-term care provider organizations throughout Kansas. All share a common benevolent purpose and are committed to a ministry of service, care, and community benefit to serve the unmet needs of elders in Kansas.

In 2007, Fuqua Construction, Inc. became an Associate Member of the LeadingAge Kansas organization. The Associate Membership program consists of approximately 75 businesses that specialize in selling products and services to long-term care providers. These businesses are listed on the LeadingAge Kansas website on the members only page. It is our desire to be on the cutting edge regarding the needs and trends in the nursing home industry through this association so that we may better serve our nursing home clientele.
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Completed Projects

Hutchinson CrossPoint Church
Hutchinson CrossPoint Church

Emmaus Mennonite Church

Pleasant Hills Hutchinson